Respect, Recreation and Restoration. The South River Watershed Alliance’s Quest for Environmental Justice

Listed as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers, the South River Watershed Alliance is using a three-pronged approach to cleaning up the South River: increasing recreational use, partnering with municipalities to create river access and going head to head with the U.S. Department of Justice. Stay tuned for this episode.

Atlanta Music Project Uplifts Excellence

The Atlanta Music Project (AMP) seeks social change through their rigorous, free music education program for underserved youth. Now, in their tenth year, AMP can boast 100% high school graduation of their students, with most of their graduates enrolled for higher education at schools such as Berklee College of Music. Stay tuned for this episode.Continue reading “Atlanta Music Project Uplifts Excellence”

Truly Living Well Starts With the Soil

Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture was at the forefront of Atlanta‚Äôs urban agriculture movement. Truly Living Well provides fresh produce and continues to cultivate urban farmers, composting businesses and backyard gardeners from their Collegetown/Ashview Heights location. In this Pilot Episode of THE DIFFERENCE ATL, Claire Reynolds speaks with Truly Living Well’s executiveContinue reading “Truly Living Well Starts With the Soil”